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Regardless of the time of the day, ensuring excellent service and infrastructural delivery to the great people of Nigeria remains essential.
Bala Mohammed

A Brief Introduction

Contract to Serve

Welcome to the personal profile of a transformative leader.
Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed fits the bill of a born leader with the requisite willpower and vision to better the lots of humanity. He is a man who exudes unique and authentic leadership qualities which are built into his personality and evident in every office he has held.

A leader with few words
and robust action

He is largely guided by the words of the American Republican statesman and 26th President
of the US (1901-1909), Theodore Roosevelt that if you want to go far, you should speak
softly and act decisively.

Core Principles

His Mission
Senator Bala Mohammed is a nation builder committed to the growth, building, restructuring and development of both people and communities.

Political Accomplishments

His Achievement
With an undying passion for people-oriented service, Senator Bala Mohammed decided to throw his hat into the political ring. This launched him into a new phase of service to humanity. He took on various positions and his achievements are evident even up till this day.


His Plan
Having undeniable results with every office he has held, Senator Bala Mohammed has a promise to elevate the economy of the nation from its current state by continuing and creating projects that empower the people and the nation as a whole.
Commitment as a Governor

Promised Kept


Revamping healthcare, the Bala Mohammed administration in Bauchi State launched a major campaign to upgrade the healthcare delivery systems in the State. His administration began with healthcare infrastructure.


In his three years as the Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed has constructed over 250km – and has already begun the process of constructing more roads into the rural communities and farmlands. Ongoing road construction of Burga to Yalwan – Duguri to Yashi is 68.4km.

Safety & Security

The policy requires police to inherit a proactive approach to address public safety concerns. The overall assessment of community-oriented policing is positive, as both officers and community members attest to its effectiveness in reducing crime.


In terms of farming, the Bala Mohammed administration has also prioritized agriculture as one of its valued agendas. Within the past few years, it procured over 4,000 metric tons of fertilizer for Bauchi State farmers and has sponsored 1000 students for training on better farming mechanisms. Over 5000 farmers were recipients of the fertilizers.


It is understood that the Governor values education, especially child education. He views child education as a right owed by the government. For this reason, he made education one of his top agendas.


Bauchi State, led by Senator Bala Mohammed, is the first and only state in Nigeria’s Northern Eastern area to domesticate the VAPP Act since it was adopted in July 2020.

Safety & Security

What People Say

“If you are there (as President), then I have a son, every father wants his son to grow.”

“Those of you who worked with me, it is my duty to support you. We are the same family. The best thing will happen for us.

“You are very competent and focused person. By the divine providence, with the support of Nigerians and God, you will become the President of Nigeria.”

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

Former President of Nigeria

“My brother, Bala, has gathered a lot of experiences. He was a director in the ministry; he became a Senator, then a minister and now a governor. And with these alone, he is qualified to be president. Then, you’ll also look at what he is doing in Bauchi; look at his pedigree, as a first time governor. I was here to flag off projects, many of my colleagues were also here to do the same, how many first time governors do you see doing that?

Nyesom Wike

Nyesom Wike

Governor of Rivers State

“His Excellency’s boldness and overwhelming passion for truth and justice which came to public notice when you displayed against all odds in the Senate by introducing the doctrine of necessity which brought peace, order and tranquillity in the nation, gives us assurance that one day, a desired and respected president will emerge to take us across the red sea,”

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

Comrade Elliot Afiyo

NYLF National President

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