Social Justice

Bala Mohammed Governance AwardBauchi State, led by Senator Bala Mohammed, is the first and only state in Nigeria’s Northern Eastern area to domesticate the VAPP Act since it was adopted in July 2020.
The VAPP Act is the only statute in place that ensures justice and protects the rights and property of victims of sexual and gender-based violence across the country, transcending the criminal and penal codes.
The VAPP Act broadens the definitions of rape, domestic violence, incest, and a variety of other forms of violence. It also assures victims’ rights to justice and protection in a way that ensures their freedom, recompense, and respect for human rights.

Social Welfare

Under the aegis of the Kaura Economic and Empowerment Commission, the Bala Mohammed administration formally inaugurated the most effective and long-lasting empowerment initiative in Bauch State’s history.
156 commercial buses were distributed across the 20 LGAs, 1,500 tricycles were distributed, a micro-grant of N10,000 per petty trader [woman] was established and funded with N200 million, a N75 million KEEP initiative for youths and women was launched, and another sum of N500 million was set aside for soft loans to traders and artisans.
Bauchi State has established a precedent by becoming the first state in the North East to approve the VAPP Act and develop a model costed action plan, with a promise to invest over NGN 3.7 billion in GBV prevention and response.


Bala Mohammed took the first step toward sanitization by forming a committee to oversee the Bank Verification Number (BVN) and the verification of civil personnel on his payroll.
The Bauchi people reaped instant benefits from the practice. The Bauchi State Government saved N763,792,664.007 by removing 1115 staff off the payroll.
The committee discovered that the administrations of Isa Yuguda and Mohammed Abubakar looted state-owned properties and monies worth hundreds of billions of dollars after receiving 279 petitions, complaints, and whistleblower exposés, federal allocations, local and international loans, aids, grants, donations, and other interventions from primary and secondary sources.

This KEEP program will minimise poverty and unemployment in the state and complement my administration’s effort to make Bauchi an international investment destination.
Bala Mohammed