Bala Mohammed has built approximately 250 kilometres of roads in his three years as Governor of Bauchi State and has already begun the process of building further roads in rural towns and farmlands.

Modernisation of Buachi

Road Modernization by Bala MohammedThe Burga to Yalwan – Duguri to Yashi road is currently under construction. It connects the local government areas of Tafawa Balewa and Alkaleri. The distance between Itas and Gadau is 24.5 kilometers. Mohammed Abubakar, the former governor, abandoned the 36-kilometer Bulkachuwa-Udubo road.

The road from Udubo to Gamawa is 25 kilometres long and is being rebuilt by the Bala Mohammed administration. Mohammed Abubakar also walked away from it. The Bisina township road is 3.8 kilometres long, and Bisina is a town in the Katagum senatorial zone. Sade township road is 2.8 kilometres long. The distance between Sade and Akuyam town is 16.8 kilometres.

Bununu township road is 2.8 kilometres long. Within the capital city, the Kano road has been dualized for 22 kilometres, from the Awalah roundabout to the airport. 14-kilometre dualization of Maiduguri road from Awalah roundabout to Bauchi university’s Yuli campus.

Dualization of Jos road from Total filling station in Bauchi metropolis to Dungal village about 12km. Newly constructed road commissioned by President Jonathan is 6.4km in Bauchi metropolis named after Goodluck E. Jonathan. Total renovation of Adamu Jumba road about 1km. Another road – Ibrahim bako estate road commissioned by Abubakar Atiku – and named after him.

In the same spirit of improving the lives of the people of Bauchi, the Governor established a 1,500-household housing estate in Dungal. This is in addition to the Bauchi Hajj Camp’s ongoing construction. Throughout the state, his administration has sunk 1046 solar-powered and handpump boreholes. The Gubi Dam Water Treatment Plant and the Water Reservoir near the Zaranda Hotel have both been upgraded and are nearing completion.

  • The all-new Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar Pilgrims Camp
  • Ultramodern solution to the shortage of water supply in Bauchi State
  • Awalah Roundabout that links to the Yuli Campus.
  • Giwo Science Academy to Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport Road
  • The new Sabon Kaura road, Bauchi State
  • Adamu Jumba Road
  • Foundation-laying to construct 500 mass housing units in Bauchi
  • Sam Njoma Road in Bauchi State

At the core of my mandate is the crucial drive to give Bauchi State citizens a better prospect and greater opportunity for a prosperous life. And this is what I have been doing since I resumed office on the 29th of May, 2019.
Bala Mohammed