Bala Mohammed at an eventGovernor Bala Mohammed in his first attempt was elected Senator to represent the Bauchi South Senatorial District, defeating an incumbent governor, in the process. This feat was to be expected as Bala Mohammed had always maintained very close ties with his folks in Duguri, the rural community of Alkaleri town where he was born, in 1958 to the royal family. To date, Governor Bala Mohammed, a devoted family man, prides himself as a rural politician and the people’s Governor.

Howbeit, once in the Red Chambers of Nigeria’s legislative arm, it did not take long for the “freshman” Senator, to register his presence on the nation’s political psyche as a constitutionalist, nationalist, and statesman.

Against conventional political trends, he spear-headed the Doctrine of Necessity bill that eventuated in the resolution of the presidential lacuna; a novel political logjam; that had threatened the Nigerian nation-state, to its very foundation. That he was subsequently appointed a minister of Cabinet rank by the beneficiary of his legislative activism and honesty of purpose, was emblematic of his acknowledged odyssey.

Honourable Minister of the FCT

Bala Mohammed Speaking at a ConferenceOn resumption at his assignment as the Honorable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in April 2010, he met a ministry that was virtually at crossroads, with the low staff morale and attitude towards work and an administrative system that was overrun by corrupt and sharp practices. The land allocation system was embedded with fraud and a shortfall in revenue generation.

He immediately fashioned out multi-dimensional strategies to confront the hydra-headed problems confronting the nation’s capital city and the result was awe-inspiring.
One of the first things he did was to break the vicious circle of land racketeering by setting up a committee headed by a seasoned administrator Sen. Saidu Dansadau, a development that led to the upgrading and repositioning of land administration in the territory with the latest geographical information system.

He embarked on a robust IT infrastructure upgrade, employed Nigerian IT professionals having most of them from the diaspora to man the FCT land administration system (AGIS). Read More

Governor Bauchi State

Governor Bala Mohammed CampaigingIt can be said that his service as the Honourable Minister for the Federal Capital Territory for five years provided the springboard for his eventual emergence as Governor of Bauchi, his home state. Perhaps, it should be placed on record that, for the second time, he defeated an incumbent Governor, who was running for re-election!.
So, here is a gentle giant-killer of sorts who, today, is leading an administration that has promised to create the impetus for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), through the rejuvenation of the educational system; prosecuting a ‘Marshal Plan’-scale infrastructural development program; the revival of agriculture, people empowerment and access to health care, among other lofty measures.

Of course, his commitment to security is second to none as he strives to insulate the state from the menace of banditry, through the creation of jobs for the over one million youths who were roaming the streets by the time of his inauguration. Read More